Writer’s Block and Research

The last week has been very bad from a writer’s block standpoint, at least as far as Hell Holes: Demons on the Dalton is concerned. I especially hate it because I am so close to completing the book that I can taste it. But it hasn’t been a complete bust. I did do some research on the book. I also finished the short story “We Service All” as well as some work on this website. Anyway, the last chapter takes place at Eielson Air Force Base about 20 miles southeast of Fairbanks, Alaska. So instead of writing, I spent one evening using Google to see what I could find out about the base that might be useful background for the book. As usual, Google Maps was useful. While the base’s official website wasn’t very helpful, I did get the email address of their Public Affairs Office and sent them an email requesting a little help. Surprisingly, the best source I found on the the Air Force Base was actually a Russian site. Ironic.

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