Research Tour of Eielson Air Force Base (AFB), Alaska

Today, my wife, son Isaac, and I had a very thorough and highly informative tour of Eielson AFB. A great many thanks to Jack Waid, the 354th Fighter Wing Historian who did a great job of showing us around and introducing us to the real people corresponding to some of the characters in the last chapter of Hell Holes 2: Demons on the Dalton as well as some of the characters in Hell Holes 3: To Hell and Back. In the HQ, we saw the Wing Commander’s conference room as well as the conference room in the classified vault where book 3 meetings will take place. We saw several other locations in book 3 including the Officers Club, Base Hotel, Defender Hall, Supply, the Range, etc. This was exactly what I needed to be able to picture the locations for half of the important action in book 3. I also learned several things that are either wrong in the current book 2 manuscript or which can be significantly improved. All in all, a very productive day and I feel extremely appreciative and honored to have been provided with so much information that will make my Hell Hole series better.

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