Paperback Temporarily Unavailable on Amazon

I just uploaded the newest edition of Hell Holes: What Lurks Below to both CreateSpace (Amazon) and IngramSpark (used by libraries). Both have passed initial automatic validation and are waiting on final human validation, which will occur sometime in the next 24-48 hours. Once approved, the paperback version will be available again.

The Kindle and Smashword versions are now updated.

In the mean time, the book is available in paperback from CreateSpace.

Killing Off Jill Starr

I spent several hours this weekend rewriting parts of Hell Holes: What Lurks Below. Originally, I killed off Mark’s pregnant wife Jill, but a reader convinced me that it would be better if I had her survive book one. It was a fair amount of work, but I think the end result was worth the effort. I should have the new version available in a couple of weeks. I’d be interested in hearing what you think.