Review of Lucifer’s Odyssey by Rex Jameson (5 Stars)

by Rex Jameson (book 1 in the Primal Patterns series) is definitely not your typical epic paranormal fantasy science fiction novel. It is also not likely to be appreciated by fundamentalist Christian Evangelicals lacking an open mind when it comes to such biblical characters as Lucifer, Jehovah, and Michael. Covering three parallel universes and hundreds of millions of years, this book combines supernatural creatures (demons, angels, and goblins/elves), a mixture of magic and advanced science, political intrigue, war, and cosmology to create an epic, action/adventure romp that will make you think while keeping you turning the pages. It’s not every day you read a novel written from the demon Lucifer’s point of view. I thoroughly enjoyed this well-written book and look forward to reading book two. So if you are interested in reading something more than the typical science fiction space opera, then you could do far worse than this first book in the primal patterns series.

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