Book Cover Replacement

I’ve decided that the new cover for Hell Holes 1: What Lurks Below is actually much better suited for Hell Holes 3: To Hell and Back. I am currently working with my cover artist on a new cover for book 1. I plan on posting two versions of the new cover and seeing which one my fans like best. Stay tuned.

Draft Outline of Hell Holes Movie Script

On July 5th, I received the draft outline of the movie script for my book, Hell Holes: What Lurks Below, from Leland Anderson. I’ve worked on it most of today and feel pretty good about the result so far: my version of Leland’s version of my story. It’s definitely been interesting reading someone else’s take on my plot and characters. It’s a little like the science fiction idea of an alternate timeline. And not that I’ve made a lot of small changes to it, Leland’s story has morphed into something that I feel I simultaneously wrote and didn’t write. Very bizarre. I hope if the movie ever gets made (and the story will certainly get changed again if it does), you like it as well as you like the book.