First Draft of Movie Script

Last night, I finally received my review copy of the first draft of the movie script for Hell Holes: What Lurks Below from the scriptwriter. It’s cool to see how he expanded the movie outline into an actual script. It’s progressing nicely, but there is still a lot to do, especially with regard to the character Aileen O’Shannon. I sent off my initial observations and recommendations based off of my initial quick read. I’m planning on spending a lot of this weekend going over it with a fine toothed comb in preparation for a conference call with the producer and scriptwriter Monday. According to the schedule for the script, we are getting pretty close to the end. It should be finalized in about a month and a half. Then, the producer will have a year of shopping rights to find a studio and investors. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and am cautiously hopeful. I think the script will make an exciting fun movie, but few scripts ever make it all the way to a film.

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