Brain To Books Cyber Convention

Don’t Miss This Annual Event

Brain To Books CyberConThis annual three-day on-line convention is a fantastic event for readers, authors, book bloggers, and book cover artists of all genres. There will literally be something (actually multiple somethings) for every bibliophile, regardless of what side of the book you’re on.

I am only one of a great many authors taking part. I am heavily involved all three days. I will be giving an Brain to Books Author Interview, being featured in an Author Showcase, taking part in an Author Workshop, and contributing to the Giveaway and Grab Bag. My books will be featured in the Book Expo, Publisher’s Alley, and Genre Tours. Finally as a book blogger, I will take part in the Blog Hop including by hosting the following post and having my post hosted on another blog.

You can register here.

Guest Blog Post


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