Comparison to Other Authors

I read every review of my Hell Holes books, often reading the best ones out loud to my wife. She has observed that a surprising number of them favorably compare my writing to that of famous writers. I decided to go back and read through the roughly 150 reviews and look for these comparisons. The results were surprising and humbling:

Famous Author Reviews
Dan Brown (Thriller) 1
Michael Crichton (Science Fiction, Thriller) 3
Clive Cussler (Thriller) 1
Stephen King (Horror) 2
Dean R. Koontz (Suspense, Thriller) 2
Mathew Reilly (Action, Thriller) 1
James Rollins (Action, Mystery, Thriller) 1
J.K. Rowling (Fantasy) 3

Draft Movie Script Update

I just finished a long teleconference with the producer, Mike Chamoy, and scriptwriter, Leland Anderson, to go over my inputs on Leland’s draft movie script based on my book, Hell Holes: What Lurks Below. I am pleased to announce that all of my concerns were addressed. Mike also made some good changes, and we did some good brainstorming. I am much happier now with the pacing of the plot, the characters, and some of the events. Leland will now have a little over a month to rewrite the script before Mike reviews it and provides final input. I hope to see the final script by the end of November. After that, Mike will have shopping rights for one year in which to find a studio and/or investors to purchase the script. I think the odds are looking better than they did yesterday.

Results of the Online Book Club’s “The First Ten” Program

The Online Book Club has a program they call “The First Ten” in which they ask approximately 20 of their top reviewers to read at least the first 10 pages of the books they pick as their “Book of the Day”. These reviewers look at the cover, blurb, official Online Book Club review, and read at least the first 10 pages. Then, they write up a short review and state whether or not they plan to read the rest of the book. The percentage that say they will read the rest of the book represent the percentage of people who upon perusing the book are likely to buy it. According to the Online Book Club, “any score above 0% is acceptable” and “any score over 10% is considered very good.” Hell Holes: What Lurks Below just scored 47%. I’m naturally very pleased with the score and also with what the reviewers had to say about the cover (thank you Ellie), the blurb I wrote, the editing (thank you Heidi), and naturally the book content itself. I was also glad to see that I had already fixed one of the complaints. Now all I have to do is get a ton of potential readers to look at the book’s cover, read the blurb on the back cover, and skim the first few pages.

Here are the actual reviews if you’re interested:

Book Review of Too Wyrd by Sarah Buhrman

In Too Wyrd, the first book in her Runespells series, Sarah Buhrman has crafted an exciting story with an inventive plot, good characters (especially the main protagonist, Nicola, and her good friend, Joseph), memorable dialog, and lots of exciting action. I generally enjoyed the religious backdrop in which all pantheons of gods, demigods, and demons exist, and it was interesting to see the Norse god Odin and the Valkyries as the good ones opposing the Jewish/Christian ones, who were the bad ones.

On the other hand, I found the motivation of Nicola’s ex-husband, Keith, to be jarringly inconsistent with his behavior (especially with regard to his daughter). I also found some of the descriptions of the magic to be excessively long, which created too much of an unnecessary pause in the action.

That said, if you are like unusual modern urban paranormal fantasies, you should definitely give Too Wyrd a try.

New Book Cover for Hell Holes: What Lurks Below

Here is the new cover for Hell Holes: What Lurks Below.

The front cover of Hell Holes: What Lurks BelowThis is the second major cover, created by cover artist Ellie Kay Bockert Augsburger of Creative Digital Studios. The round item behind the main title is Aileen O’Shannon’s amulet, a ring of gold engraved with the words “Tutores Contra Infernum” surrounding a devilstone. The cover shows Aileen O’Shannon, the team’s photojournalist, taking pictures of the hell hole after it erupted.

The full cover of Hell Holes: What Lurks Below