Nuclear Bombs – Researching Content for Hell Holes 3: To Hell and Back

Writing Hell Holes 3: To Hell and Back, which involves taking a nuclear bomb to the Demon home world to destroy the portal complex being used to invade Earth. Spent the last couple of nights researching on the Internet. I have decided on what bomb to use (B61-Mod12), what yield to use (5 kilotons), how to turn it into a man-portable “suitcase” bomb, what the bomb’s pre-flight controller (computer) looks like, and how to modify/reprogram it so that it can work as a timed bomb. Very interesting stuff; it’s amazing what you can find on the Internet. Think I’m probably going to have that part of the book reviewed to ensure I didn’t accidentally include any classified information (just because it’s on the Internet doesn’t mean it’s not classified). Still, realism rocks when writing apocalyptic science fiction!

Permafrost Tunnel Research Facility

Last week, I had a private tour of the US Army Corp of Engineer’s tunnels through the permafrost just north of Fairbanks, Alaska. I learned some interesting facts that I intend to incorporate into Hell Holes 3: To Hell and Back. For example, before the tour, I did not know that tunnels into the permafrost have a distinctive, very strong, musty smell that is similar to (but different from) dirty gym socks. Similarly, as the ice sublimes (turns directly into water vapor without passing through a liquid phase), the solid matter is released to fall to the floor of the tunnel in the form of an extremely fine brownish gray dust. You can see all sorts of things in the walls of the tunnels including ancient bones, buried tree roots, ice lenses, molds, and even frozen grass that remains green after having been frozen tens of thousands of years. All in all, a very interesting experience.

Research Tour of Eielson Air Force Base (AFB), Alaska

Today, my wife, son Isaac, and I had a very thorough and highly informative tour of Eielson AFB. A great many thanks to Jack Waid, the 354th Fighter Wing Historian who did a great job of showing us around and introducing us to the real people corresponding to some of the characters in the last chapter of Hell Holes 2: Demons on the Dalton as well as some of the characters in Hell Holes 3: To Hell and Back. In the HQ, we saw the Wing Commander’s conference room as well as the conference room in the classified vault where book 3 meetings will take place. We saw several other locations in book 3 including the Officers Club, Base Hotel, Defender Hall, Supply, the Range, etc. This was exactly what I needed to be able to picture the locations for half of the important action in book 3. I also learned several things that are either wrong in the current book 2 manuscript or which can be significantly improved. All in all, a very productive day and I feel extremely appreciative and honored to have been provided with so much information that will make my Hell Hole series better.

Hell Holes: Research Trip to Fairbanks, Alaska

I’m leaving Friday for Fairbanks, Alaska for my son Isaac’s graduation from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Woo hoo! While up there, I will be taking a tour of Eielson AFB which is the location of the last chapter of Hell Holes 2: Demons on the Dalton. I am also trying to finagle a tour of the US Army’s Permafrost Tunnel Research Center, as a tunnel through permafrost between a hell hole and a portal to Hell will play a major part in Hell Holes 3: To Hell and Back. I also hope to rent an SUV for a trip up the Dalton to Yukon Crossing, the site of another chapter in Hell Holes 2. I will upload pictures once I return.

I just received the proof of Hell Holes: Demons on the Dalton

I just received the proof copies of my latest book, Hell Holes: Demons on the Dalton. Looking good! I’ve addressed inputs from my editor and several of my beta readers; just a few more to go. In another 10 days, I will finalize the book for its June 1st publication date. It will be available in paperback from all the major online bookstores and in all ebook formats. You can order the ebook versions pre-release for $2.99 from: Smashwords

Update on Hell Holes: Demons on the Dalton

I just finished addressing all of the comments and recommendations made by Paul Smith of Wise Gray Owl, the copy editor of Hell Holes: Demons on the Dalton. I’ve also dealt with inputs from several beta readers so everything is on schedule for the June 1st publication date. I also uploaded the current interior and cover to CreateSpace to print a proof copy in advance of printing the Advanced Reader Copies (ARC) for the book bloggers and other book reviewers.