Gremlins are short mischievous beings that love to damage machinery, especially aircraft.

Gremlin Appearance and Biology

Gremlins are humanoid, being from one to three feet tall when fully grown. They have large heads with sharp conical teeth and big pointy ears. Their bodies are slender bodies with scrawny arms and legs, and large hands with long fingers ending in claws. They have a row of short spines running the length of their backs and tend to be greenish in color with leather-like skin.

Gremlins have the intelligence and curiosity of adolescent children.

Gremlin Culture

Gremlins are fascinated with all aspects of human technology. Sometimes, they damage components in order to observe the consequences. Other times, they appear to damage things for the shear fun of it.

Gremlins are more mischievous than malicious, and the relatively rare deaths caused by their damage seems to be accidental rather than intentional. On the other hand, their gross disregard for the harm they cause and they glee with which they cause it makes them dangerous, especially when they damage aircraft

Gremlins tend to be solitary creatures and therefore lack any form of gremlin society.

Gremlin History

Gremlins are indigenous to wild areas of Scotland, but have spread to most parts of the United Kingdom

The earliest record of gremlins dates back to the Middle Ages, when they were known to have infested windmills and waterwheels used for the grinding of grain. Their numbers increased with the advent of the industrial revolution and the development of steam-powered factories, trains, and boats. Their existence became widely known during World War I and especially World War II, when they began to cause considerable damage to Allied military aircraft. Today, their primary targets tend to be cars and trucks. Gremlins have recently turned their attention to the computers in large data centers, where they will hide in the spaces under the floors, emerging after nightfall to unplug network cables.

Hunting Gremlins


Finding Gremlins


Killing Gremlins


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