Hell Holes 3: To Hell and Back

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The front cover of Hell Holes 3 The beautiful young photojournalist, Aileen O’Shannon, is not who she seems. For centuries, she has been a demon hunter, a sorceress who has tracked and killed small bands of demons that occasionally crossed into our world. But that changed when she joined Dr. Jack Oswald’s expedition to study one of hundreds of huge holes that mysteriously appeared overnight in the frozen tundra north of the Arctic Circle.

Instead of small sporadic incursions, hordes of demons now pour from these hell holes like water from a sieve. With bombing little more than a losing game of whack-a-mole, Earth’s armies are unable to destroy the portals. When Jack suggests a desperate plan, he is drafted to join Aileen and a team of other sorcerers and Army Rangers to travel to the demon homeworld. Once there, they will unleash a plague virus and set off a nuclear bomb to destroy the portal complex. It’s a suicide mission. But Aileen has given Jack’s wife her word to bring him back safely, and the demons have already killed three men under her protection. Just how far will Aileen go to avoid losing another?

Hell Holes 3: To Hell And Back will be book three in the Hell Holes series of modern paranormal fantasy, apocalyptic science fiction, action and adventure novels.


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Author’s Commentary

Spoiler alert!
To stop the demon invasion, I decided that it was critical to (1) destroy the demons’ portal network connecting their homeworld with the hell holes on Earth and (2) spread a viral plague to decimate the demon population so that they didn’t just build a new portal network.

The method I chose to destroy the portals was to set off multiple nuclear bombs on the demon-side of the portals. To make the book as realistic as possible, that meant that I needed to research tactical nuclear weapons, choose an appropriate type, and work out how it would be modified to become a man-portable with a countdown timer. The bomb had to be powerful enough to destroy the portal complex but not so powerful that it would destroy the small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that would be used to spread the demon plague. Luckily, several days of research on the Internet enabled me to make the appropriate choices. For the book, I chose the B61 Mod 4, variable-yield, tactical thermonuclear bomb.


The manuscript is complete and is currently being edited and out to my team of beta readers for their inputs. I hope to launch the book in mid-October. The same narrator who is doing the audiobook versions of Hell Holes 1 and 2 has committed to also doing Hell Holes 3.

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  1. Brandon Cooper says:

    Hey there. I would like to be a beta reader for the third book in the Hell Holes.

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