Hell Holes 4: A Slave’s Revenge


The front cover of Hell Holes 4. Mark Chapman and his twin sister Sarah were typical sixteen-year-olds. They just happened to live in the Alaskan wilderness miles from your nearest neighbor. Carrying baskets of salmon from their family’s fish wheel, they were nearly home when they heard their mother’s screams and the roar of their father’s shotgun. Expecting to find a hungry grizzly drawn by their mother’s racks of drying fish, they dropped their baskets and ran. But it was not a bear.

The cabin door was torn off its hinges, and inside, they saw the impossible: hellish monsters feasting on the bodies of their parents. But the demons had other plans for the Mark and Sarah. Devils captured and bound them as slaves. Then guarded by hellhounds, devils forced them up into the mountains and through a small cave. When they crossed a strange portal carved into the bones of the mountain, they emerged in a different world. The air was parched and reeked of sulfur. The distant mountains belched ash into a dusty-brown sky, and a large red sun beat down on a city of stone.

And so began their lives as slaves. For seven long years, they toiled in the fields growing unfamiliar plants to feed the thousands of human and alien thralls that served the demons. When Sarah sickened and could no longer work, she became chattel and was taken away to the slaughterhouse for the masters’ feasts. Defiance meant certain death and so Sarah made Mark swear to not throw his life away. Still, her brother vowed revenge. His violent rage caught the eye of a devil who bought and trained gladiators to kill or be killed for the demons’ pleasure. For four years, he fought until his intelligence was recognized. He became a personal pet of a devil child destined to become an overlord and the leader of armies. After thirty years in Hell, the invasion of Earth had begun. After waiting so long, had the time of revenge finally arrived?

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