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The Demons:


Goddess Ṣêṣ Ṭåh-ṭõṣṣṣṣķ, Empress of 144 Worlds (Hell Holes 3 and 4)

This devil is the absolute ruler of the demons’ empire of captive worlds. She is the one who ordered the invasion of Earth.

Governor Ṕêh Ṣãṣ-håṕ (Hell Holes 4)

This devil is appointed by Empress Goddess Ṣêṣ Ṭåh-ṭõṣṣṣṣķ as the governor of Hell.

Ṕêķ Ṭõṣ-ṣãhṭ (Hell Holes 4)

This devil is the owner of the human forced-labor farm and is the first owner of the human slave Mark Chapman

Ṭaṣķ Ķõh-ṭõṕ (Hell Holes 4)

This devil is the owner of City Coliseum and its stable of gladiators including the human slave Mark Chapman.

Lord Commander Åṣh Ķåh-ṭõķ (Hell Holes 3 and 4)

This devil is the lord commander of the invasion of Earth. He is the last owner of the human slave Mark Chapman and the Tahk slave Ť-loo-shss, he is killed during our counterattack on the demon homeworld.

Ṭåk-ṣṣṣṣ Ķåh-ṭåk (Hell Holes 3)

This devil was captured by the US Army during the battle of the Yukon River Fire and interrogated and Eielson AFB. He wants nothing more than to remove the shame of being captured by breaking free and killing as many humans as it can before dying in battle.


Ķõṣ Ķåṕ (Hell Holes 4)

This imp worked at the human forced-labor Farm and killed Sarah Chapman, twin sister of Mark Chapman.

Ķåṣ Ķåķ (Hell Holes 3)

This foul-mouthed little imp with attitude was captured by the US Army during the battle of the Yukon River Fire and interrogated at Eielson AFB.

The Tahku

Tahk is one of the many worlds that the demons have conquered. The Tahku, its highly intelligent native inhabitants, can be roughly described as centauripedes, a cross between centaurs and giant centipedes. Between six and nine feet in length and approximately one foot in diameter, a tahku’s cylindrical body is divided into seven segments, the first of which serves as its head.

Each of the tahku’s segments has a pair of highly-flexible and boneless appendages that are reminiscent of octopus arms and elephant trunks. The two tiny ones on either side of its circular mouth are used when eating, while the four longer slender ones on its vertical second and third segments act as its hands and arms. Finally, the eight short, muscular appendages on its back four horizontal segments serve as its legs.

The Tahku have a flexible copper-colored carapace covering their backs and sides that acts as armor protecting their soft underbodies. Having evolved in a temperate climate and being hermaphroditic with no external sex organs, the concepts of sex, clothing, and nudity are foreign to them.

The Tahku have two, independently-movable eyes on the ends of eyestalks that see colors ranging from ultraviolet through infrared. They use a pair of small round drum-like membranes placed below each lateral eye to both speak and hear, meaning that they cannot do both simultaneously. The speaker-like form of their speech-ears enables the Tahku to speak accent-free Demonic as well as slave languages such as English. Consistent with being strict herbivores, their circular mouth hides an internal set of teeth suitable for grinding hard and fibrous vegetation. Breathing through narrow vents on the side of each segment except for its head, a tahku’s every breath causes its body to swell and shrink like a sausage-shaped balloon.


Ť-loo-shssŤ-loo-shss is a Tahku slave. It was also rescued during the attack on the demon portal system. Paul Chapman’s best friend and mentor, Ť-loo-shss is also a scribe owned by the same powerful devil, Lord Commander Åṣh Ķåh-ṭõķ.

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