Hell Holes – Human Characters

The following are the main human characters in the Hell Holes series of modern paranormal fantasy, apocalyptic science fiction, horror, and action & adventure novels:


Members of the Original Research Team

The following are the members of the research team sent to investigate the mysterious holes:

Dr. Jack Oswald

Dr. Jack OswaldDr. Jack Oswald is a petroleum geologist who teaches at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). During the short Alaskan summer, he conducts field research and consults for the oil companies, one of which has hired him to lead an expedition to the North Slope to study huge holes that have mysteriously opened up near the Arctic Sea. Dr. Oswald bears witness to Armageddon in Hell Holes 1, What Lurks Below, the first book in the Hell Holes series.

Dr. Angela (Angie) Menendez

Dr. Angela MenendezDr. Angela Menendez is a noted climatologist who teaches at the UAF. Her research concentrates on the climatological impact of methane produced by melting permafrost and marine deposits of methane hydrate. In addition to being a highly respected teacher and oft-cited research scientist, Angie is a fierce environmentalist. Dr. Oswald’s wife, she bears witness to Armageddon in Hell Holes 2: Demons on the Dalton, the second book in the Hell Holes series.

Mr. Mark Starr

Mr. Mark StarrMr. Mark Starr is a UAF geology graduate student working on his doctorate by studying climate-related changes in Alaskan glaciers. He helps Dr. Oswald, his doctoral advisor, perform research and maintains the team’s equipment. Tall, athletic, and ruggedly handsome, he would not look out of place on a movie set with his tousled brown hair and beard trimmed so short it always looked like he’d only started growing it the week before. Instead, he is turning out to be a fine glaciologist and geologist, a man who was as at home crossing a crevasse as he was working in the laboratory.

Mrs. Jill Starr

Mrs. Jill StarrMrs. Jill Starr is also one of Dr. Oswald’s geology graduate students working on her master’s degree. Mark Starr’s wife, Jill often joins Mark and Dr. Oswald during summer fieldwork. Tall, slender, and two years younger than her husband, Jill is intrigued by all things permafrost, the subsurface layer of ground that has remained frozen since the last ice age. More specifically, she is fascinated by changes in the permafrost caused by the rapid warming of the Arctic due to climate change.

Mr. Kevin Kowalski

Mr. Kevin KowalskiMr. Kevin Kowalski is a mid-level manager for ExxonMobil, who has occasionally hired Dr. Oswald as a consultant in petroleum geology. He hires Dr. Oswald to put together a team to study the mysterious holes that have suddenly appeared in Alaska’s North Slope and thereby determine the degree to which they threaten oil company operations and the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.

Mr. Bill Henderson

Mr. Bill HendersonMr. Bill Henderson is a wildlife biologist, who works part time for ExxonMobil, typically as a consultant developing environmental impact statements. Kowalski hires Henderson, an avid hunter and outdoors-man, to protect the team from dangerous wild animals such as polar bears, grizzlies, and wolves.


Members of the Tutores Contra Infernum

The following are members of the Tutores Contra Infernum (informally known as The Order), an ancient secret order dedicated to defending humanity from demons.

High Council

The members of the High Council (Consula/female and Consul/male) form the governing body of The Order. It consists of a prime minister (i.e., the head of the council) and various ministers responsible for locations (e.g., North America) or subject matters (e.g., military, science, and intelligence).

Consula Alessandra Romano is the head of the High Council of the Tutores Contra Infernum, the ancient secret order of sorcerers and sorceresses dedicated to defending humanity from demons.

Consula Romano was born into a noble family in Florence in 1504, during the height of the Italian renaissance. As both her father and mother were powerful members of the Order, she was inducted as a child and rapidly rose through the ranks, eventually rising to the position of Consula of the High Council, the Order’s governing body in 1897. A master of politics and intrigue, she has ruled the High Council with an iron fist inside a velvet glove ever since. She surrounds herself with highly capable councilors, wisely listening to their advice before making her own decisions. She does not suffer fools lightly.

When dealing with mundane high society, Consula Romano plays the role of the reclusive and wealthy Contessa Romano. Secure in her self-image, she has purposely permitted her body to gracefully age so that she appears to be a healthy vibrant woman in her late 60s. With gray hair and clear blue eyes, she is regal in bearing and always impeccably dressed in designer clothes from the most exclusive fashion houses of Milan and Paris.

Consul Bertrand BedeauConsul Bertrand Bedeau was born in 1515 in Paris and was appointed to the High Council in 1897. Short with dark hair and a thin mustache, he is always impeccably dressed in the finest hand-tailored suits. A renowned demonologist, he is deep expertise in all things demonic including language, symbolism, culture, and history. He is also one of The Order’s leading experts in devilstones including their use in casting magic spells.

Liam Blakeslee

Consul Liam BlakesleeConsul Liam Blakeslee was born in 1782 into a prominent whaling family in Boston, Massachusetts. He became a member of The Order in 1801 when he was observed killing a devil he happened upon while carting harpoons from the town smithy to his ship. Now balding and somewhat portly, he was once extremely athletic in his youth. He became a member of the High Council in 1902 and is now the head of the North American Curiae, responsible for all North American activities of The Order.

Consul Dimitri Gregorovich

Consul Dimitri GregorovichConsul Dimitri Gregorovich is a member of the High Council and the head of its Intelligence Curiae. He is well known for his ability to interrogate captured high demons. He was born during the Russo-Swedish War in 1657 to noble parents in Moscow, Russia. Tall and thin, he has long gray hair and beard. He is very conservative and risk adverse. Gregorovich became an extreme proponent of keeping The Order secret, when in 1574 a mob captured his pregnant wife and burned her at the stake as a witch, while he was away fighting demons in Sweden.

Consul Maximilian Hofmeister

Consul Maximilian HofmeisterConsul Maximilian Hofmeister is a member of the High Council and head of its Military Curiae. He was born in 1304 in Vienna, Austria to a Teutonic knight. Attacks by demons have scarred his face and neck, cost him his left forearm, and given him a painful limp, forcing him to walk with the aid of a cane. Extremely proud of his warriors, he believes the order is perfectly able to beat the demons without need of the world’s militaries. Hofmeister had a relatively brief affair with Aileen O’Shannon during the Late Middle Ages, when they fought together putting down numerous demon incursions.



The Curatoria (Curatrix/female and Curator/male) are the rank and file members of The Order.

Curatrix Maxima Faustina Giordano

Curatrix Maxima Faustina GiordanoCuratrix Maxima Faustina Giordano is a member of the administrative arm of The Order. Born in the Italian part of southern Switzerland in 1821, she joined the order after being rescued when a band of imps attacked the coach her family was traveling in while on the road to Geneva. An ambitious sorceress, she is the loyal personal assistant to Consule Alessandra Romano and therefore lives in Rome where the High Council is based.

Curatrix Maxima Aileen O’Shannon

Curatrix Maxima Aileen O’ShannonCuratrix Maxima Aileen O’Shannon is a highly-experienced officer in the military arm of The Order. A survivor of Jack Oswald’s ill-fated expedition to study the mysterious holes that opened up along Alaska’s North Slope, Aileen is a highly talented and amazingly beautiful sorceress born in Ireland 1703 years ago during the reign of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. She uses a glamour spell that gives her the illusion of being in her early twenties with long flaming-red hair, green eyes, and a smattering of freckles.

Curator Maxima Jason Thanos

Curator Maxima Jason ThanosCurator Maxima Jason Thanos is a member of the military arm of The Order and was born around 410 BCE in Sparta during the Peloponnesian War between that city state and its rival Athens. He is responsible for The Order’s military response within the North America Curiae. As a Curatrix, Aileen O’Shannon reports to Jason Thanos when it comes to demon hunting.

Curator Arthur Davies

Curator Arthur DaviesCurator Arthur Davies is a member of the Curia Physicum, the research arm of the Tutores Contra Infernum. Based in London, Dr. Davies is a highly respected demonologist, has spent the last 350 years specializing in the interrogation of captured high demons and in the discovery of ways of countering their magic. Over the last century, he has also taken several sabbatical from his work at The Order to earn six doctorates in biology, physics, and engineering at various universities including Stanford, MIT, and Oxford. Working with his colleagues in the Curia Physicum, he has developed the highly infectious, magically-enhanced virus that will be used to hopefully cause a catastrophic plague on the demon home world.

Curatrix Tabitha Freeman

Curatrix Tabitha FreemanCuratrix Tabitha Freeman is a member of the military arm of The Order. When a devil masquerading as a southern gentleman attacked the sugar plantation where Tabitha was a slave in 1701, As a consequence of helping Aileen destroy the demon, the sorceress rescued her, sponsored her induction into The Order, and accepted the young woman as her apprentice. She has been based in Boston for over 200 years and is a close friend and Aileen’s occasional sister in arms.

Curatrix Ceana MacClelland

Curatrix Ceana MacClellandCuratrix Ceana MacClelland is a member of the military arm of the Order and was born in 1939 in Portland, Oregon. She is currently based in Seattle. A rising star who has an inordinate number of kills to her credit for such a young curatrix, she hopes to be so successful during the Demon War that she will become the youngest Curatrix Maxima in 350 years.

Curatrix Lauretta Rizzo

Curatrix Lauretta RizzoCuratrix Lauretta Rizzo is a member of the military arm of The Order. Based in Chicago, she is originally from Venice. She was born just prior to the First World War into one of the oldest families of The Order.


Members of the Military



The following military officers are responsible for the US military defense of Alaska:

Lieutenant General Jason Robertson

Lieutenant General Jason RobertsonLieutenant General Jason Robertson is commander of the 11th Air Force and responsible for the planning and execution of all Homeland Defense operations within theater, including security and civil support actions. Placed me in command of the human military response to the demon invasion in Alaska by the Joint Chiefs. He is based at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, which is a combined Air Force and Army base located just outside of Anchorage.

Colonel Yoshie Nakamoto

Colonel Yoshie NakamotoColonel Yoshie Nakamoto is the Eielson base commander as well as commander of the 354th Fighter Wing.

Colonel Enrique Rodriguez

Colonel Enrique RodriguezColonel Enrique Rodriguez is the commander of the 3rd Wing and is responsible for air dominance, command and control of combat operations, and air mobility.

Colonel Michael Landsman

Colonel Michael LandsmanColonel Michael Landsman represents the US Army and is the commander of the 1st Stryker Brigade of the 25th Infantry Division out of Fort Wainwright.

Lieutenant Colonel Joe Conrad

Lieutenant Colonel Joe ConradLieutenant Colonel Joe Conrad represents the Alaska Army National Guard and is responsible for coordinating all Guard activities involved with defending Alaska and evacuating civilians.


Special Forces A Team

The following are the twelve green berets who are members of the US Army Special Forces Operational Detachment A (also known as an ODA or “A Team”) that takes part in the assault on the hell hole. A part of the 1st Special Forces Group headquartered at Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Seattle, they all have significant combat experience in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are also cross-trained in each other’s specialties, roles, and responsibilities.

Captain Aaron Greenwald

Captain Aaron GreenwaldCaptain Aaron Greenwald is the detachment commander. He has overall command authority and responsibility for the A Team and the entire assault on the hell hole. Originally from a small town in Wyoming, he is a natural leader, extremely competent, and highly qualified for his position.

Chief Warrant Officer Anthony (Tony) Thompson

Chief Warrant Officer Anthony (Tony) ThompsonChief Warrant Officer Anthony (Tony) Thompson is the assistant detachment commander and Captain Greenwald’s second in command. From upstate New Yorker, he comes from a long line of soldiers going back to the Civil War.

Staff Sergeant Isaac Addison

Staff Sergeant Isaac AddisonStaff Sergeant Isaac Addison is one of the team’s two engineer sergeants and is assigned primary responsibility for the two demon plague drones. He is the only member of the team who grew up in Alaska as the son of an oil roughneck. For him, the invasion is especially personal.


Master Sergeant Jefferson Black

Master Sergeant Jefferson BlackMaster Sergeant Jefferson Black is the team’s operations sergeant (better known as the “team sergeant”). The most experienced member of the attachment, he is the team’s senior non-commissioned officer and responsible for all operations of the team.

Staff Sergeant Zachary Charles

Staff Sergeant Zachary CharlesStaff Sergeant Zachary Charles is the team’s other medical sergeant. Before joining the Army, he work briefly as an emergency medical technician and ambulance driver.

Staff Sergeant Kenneth (Kenny) Crowley

Staff Sergeant Kenneth (Ken) CrowleyStaff Sergeant Kenneth (Kenny) Crowley is the other weapons sergeant assigned responsibility for the bomb and will take over in the event that Sergeant Masterson is killed, disabled, or captured.

Sergeant First Class William (Bill) Masterson

Sergeant First Class William (Bill) MastersonSergeant First Class William (Bill) Masterson is one of the team’s two weapons sergeant. An expert in all manner of weapons, he has primary responsibility for the thermonuclear bomb including arming, emplacement, and detonation.

Sergeant First Class Dane Michaels

Sergeant First Class Dane MichaelsSergeant First Class Dane Michaels is one of the team’s two medical sergeants. Specialized in emergency medicine and trauma management, he has overall responsibility for care of any wounded.

Sergeant First Class Adam Nicholson

Sergeant First Class Adam NicholsonSergeant First Class Adam Nicholson is one of the team’s two communications sergeants. He is responsible for the care and operation of the communications equipment, especially communications back through the portal.

Sergeant First Class Joseph O’Conner

Sergeant First Class Joseph O’ConnerSergeant First Class Joseph O’Conner is the team’s assistant operations and intelligence sergeant. He is responsible for collecting intelligence on the demons.

Staff Sergeant Robert (Rob) Schneider

Staff Sergeant Robert (Rob) SchneiderStaff Sergeant Robert (Rob) Schneider is the team’s other communications sergeant. One of his secondary tasks is to bring back any communications devices used by the demons.

Staff Sergeant Kodiak (Cody) Wolfe

Sergeant Kodiak (Cody) WolfeStaff Sergeant Kodiak (Cody) Wolfe is the team’s other engineer sergeant. He is responsible for the second drone as well as any non-nuclear demolitions that might be needed. Growing up in a family that owns and operates a fireworks business, blowing things up is in his blood.


Foreign Military

The following are members of foreign military who act as liaisons to their military organizations.

Wing Commander Nigel Blackbourne

Wing Commander Nigel BlackbourneWing Commander Nigel Blackbourne represents Her Majesty’s Royal Air Force out of Base Mildenhall. He commands the UK airmen who are at the Eielson AFB to take part of the training exercise Operation Red Flag.

Group Captain Brandon Sellers

Group Captain Brandon SellersGroup Captain Brandon Sellers represents the Royal Australian Air Force out of Base Glenbrook. He commands the Australian airmen who are at the Eielson AFB to take part of the training exercise Operation Red Flag.

Sergeant Sam Novoigak

Sergeant Sam NovoigakSergeant Sam Novoigak is a member of the 4th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group. Based at CFNA HQ, he acts as the Canadian Army’s liaison to the US defense of Alaska.


Other Humans


Adam Anderson

Adam AndersonAdam Anderson is a slender ten-year-old boy with brown hair, hazel eyes, and a smattering of freckles. He is one of only two survivors of a refugee convoy that was overrun south of Coldfoot.

Amy Anderson

Amy AndersonAmy Anderson is a six-year-old girl, who is the other survivor of the convoy and the little sister of Adam Anderson.

Dr. Leland (Lee) Curtis

Dr. Leland CurtisDr. Leland (Lee) Curtis is a noted exobiologist from the Center for Astrobiology at the University of Colorado at Boulder (UCB). In his early fifties with a goatee and long black hair pulled back into a pony tail, he stands well over six-foot tall. He has the athletic build of a man who spends a great deal of time doing field work in remote and often inhospitable places. He is the scientist assigned to the assault team that will attack the second hell hole. Like Dr. Jack Oswald, he will be responsible for taking scientific measurements and making observations of the demon’s homeworld.

Dr. Janice Browne

Dr. Janice BrowneDr. Janice Browne is the Deputy National Security Adviser for Homeland Security. Reporting directly to the President Warren’s National Security Advisor, Dr. Browne provides daily reports to the National Security Council and conveys orders from the President.

Dr. Lawrence Shaw

Dr. Leland CurtisDr. Lawrence Shaw is a principal engineer, who works at the Los Alamos National Laboratory as part of a team performing research and development of potential upgrades to the US nuclear arsenal. He trains the attack team on the use of the modified B-61 variable-yield thermonuclear bomb they will use to destroy the demon’s portal system.

Dr. Jessica Stevenson

Dr. Lawrence ShawDr. Jessica Stevenson is a principal engineer, who works at TBD and is a senior systems engineer on program that creates the UAV.

Mark Chapman

Mark ChapmanMark Chapman is a human slave that is rescued during the attack on the demon portal system. Now in his mid forties, he was captured by demons and taken to Hell when he was only five-years-old. Over the years, he has been a field slave, a gladiator, and finally a scribe owned by one of top engineers maintaining the portal complex.

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