The Secrets of Hawthorne House – Characters

The Mitchells

The Mitchell family is originally from Port Orford, a small fishing town on the southern Oregon coast.

  • Matt Mitchell (15) is somewhat of a loner and outsider who learns to face the bullies of his new school with the help of his friend, Gerallt Hawthorne. A boy of average height, build, and looks, he has straight blond hair and gray-green eyes behind small oval glasses. He loves the ocean and longs to return to his home in Oregon. He very much into science and likes taking things apart to see how they work.
  • Tina Mitchell (15) is Matt’s fraternal twin. She is pretty with her mother’s high cheekbones, tall, and excessively slender, having slowly lost weight since her mother’s death. Like her father, she has hazel eyes, straight honey blond hair, and excels in math and foreign languages. Popular and with an active social life, she looks and acts a couple of years older than her actual age. She acts more self-confident than she really is and tends to downplay her intelligence.
  • Sam Mitchell (37) is Matt’s father, who was a somewhat absent-minded science teacher at the local community college before moving to Indiana, where he now works as a software developer for a small company. He is tall, with honey blond hair and medium build and small squarish glasses. He has kept himself very busy and somewhat distant since the recent death of his much-loved wife, Mary Mitchell.
  • Mary Mitchell (35) was Matt’s mother who recently died. She was a quarter Native American, local artist and potter, with a spiritual and mystical side. She was run over and killed by the town drunk while out picking wildflowers for her pottery business. She was a tall, slender, and graceful woman with long straight black hair, skin a shade too brown for the cloudy coastal climate, and hands that always seemed to have clay under the fingernails.
  • Midnight is Matt’s inquisitive black cat.

The Hawthornes

The Hawthorne family is originally from Deer Island, a tiny fishing village off the central coast of Maine. They are secretly druids and druidesses and worshipers of the Celtic Goddess Modron.

  • Vivianne (VI-vee-ann) Hawthorne (73) is Gerallt’s great aunt, a widow who remained in the Hawthorne House when her husband left her for another woman who lived next door in the house that the Mitchells moved into. Considered a witch by the neighborhood children, she is a recluse who never leaves her house.
  • Gerallt (GERR-alt) Hawthorne (15) is a lonely and somewhat somber boy who loves the ocean and doesn’t make friends easily. Gerallt is tall and slender with a pale face and straight black hair. More confident than Matt, there is a definite hint of mystery about him. He too loves the ocean and longs to return to Maine.
  • Gwyneth (GWIN-eth) Hawthorne (17) is Gerallt’s mysterious older sister. She is tall and very beautiful with emerald eyes and long straight raven hair.
  • Gareth (GAHR-eth) Hawthorne (12) is Gerallt’s younger brother, a quiet somewhat overweight boy who has lost his self-confidence since his father’s death. He has not yet been invested as a druid.
  • Gwendolyn (GWEN-doh-len) Hawthorne (37) is Gerallt’s mother, an artist who formerly made and sold scented candles, soaps, and oils. She has become quite depressed and withdrawn since her husband’s death. Slightly shorter than her daughter, she is more beautiful with emerald eyes and long straight raven hair.
  • Medwyn Hawthorne (42) was Gerallt’s father, a fisherman who was recently lost as sea during a fishing accident.
  • Belladonna is Gwendolyn’s large black cat.
  • Nightshade is Gwyneth’s skinny black cat.
  • Nightwing is Gerallt’s pet crow.
  • Shadow is Gareth’s pet black squirrel.

The Hoosiers

The Hoosiers are from Hawthorne, a small town in Northeastern Indiana.

The Teachers

  • Mr. Marcus Thompson (23) teaches freshman American History teacher at Hawthorne High School.
  • Mr. William Tanner (51) is the principal of the local high school.
  • Mrs. McKinney (46) is the freshman English teacher at Hawthorne High School.
  • Mr. Jack Armstrong (40) is the gruff, no-nonsense high school gym coach and high school detention teacher.

The Bullies

  • Colin O’Connell (16) is the leader of the sophomore bullies. He is large and cunning with blond hair and a cruel face.
  • Clayton Cartwright (17) is Colin’s large and dull-witted thug, who has been held back two years at school.
  • Dylan Jones (15) is Colin’s little pointy-nosed, ferret-faced, greasy-haired toady.


  • Sarah Duffy (17) is a shy, overweight girl who rides the school bus and volunteers to operate the video equipment at school.
  • George Smith (45) is a shady handyman and thief who steals Gerallt’s amulet.
  • Peter Henderson (50) is the pawn broker and fence that buys Gerallt’s amulet from George Smith.

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