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Autographed Books

Buy personalized, autographed copies of my books using PayPal by clicking on the associated book covers. Note that Shipping and Handling (S&H) costs are for US addresses only. Contact me for foreign sales.

Fiction Books

Cover of Hell Holes: What Lurks Below
$10.99 plus $2.99 S&H
Cover of Hell Holes: Demons On The Dalton
$11.99 plus $2.99 S&H
Hell Holes: To Hell and Back
$12.99 plus $2.99 S&H
Book Cover of Hell Holes 4: A Slave's Revenge
$16.99 plus $2.99 S&H
Book Cover of Hell Hole: The Official Screenplay
Amazon Kindle Only
The Front Cover of The Secrets of Hawthorne House
$15.99 plus $2.99 S&H
Book Cover of A Cauldron of Uncanny Dreams
$8.99 plus $2.99 S&H
The front cover of Magical Wands: A Cornucopia of Wand Lore
$19.99 plus $3.99 S&H

Nonfiction Books

Front cover of The Simulation Theory of Consciousness
$9.99 plus $2.99 S&H

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