Hell Holes: Insurrection

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Book Cover of Hell Holes: InsurrectionThe tide of the Armageddon war turns when Earth’s military unleashes a demon-specific plague on Hell before destroying the planet’s interstellar portal complex. Unfortunately, humanity’s counterattack also maroons hundreds of thousands of human and alien slaves on Hell. As the virus rapidly spreads among their demon masters, the slaves revolt. But how can former slaves from so many planets work together to eradicate the demons and form a society that guarantees their freedom?


Fiction > Science Fiction > Alien Invasion
Fiction > Science Fiction > Apocalyptic
Fiction > Science Fiction > First Contact
Fiction > Fantasy > Dark Fantasy
Fiction > Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban
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Publishing Information

Publisher: Magical Wand Press
Edition: First edition
Publication Date: TBD
Language: English
Pages: TBD
Words: TBD
Size: 5×8
Formats: TBD

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