A Cauldron of Uncanny Dreams

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Book Cover of A Cauldron of Uncanny DreamsA Cauldron of Uncanny Dreams is a multi-award-winning anthology of creepy short stories and poems that are best read late at night when you’re all alone.

If you enjoyed episodes of the TV series The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Tales of the Unexpected, and Are You Afraid of the Dark, then this book is for you.


  • 90-Minute Teen & Young Adult Short Reads
  • Fiction > Fantasy > Dark Fantasy
  • Fiction > Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban
  • Fiction > Horror
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  1. Her Mother’s Eyes: A short prose poem with an unexpected twist..
  2. The Collector: A collector of miniature ceramic buildings makes a unique find at an out-of-the-way antique shop.
  3. Grandma Buford’s Birthday: Grandma Buford prepares for her 97th birthday party.
  4. The Farmer’s Daughter: A snowstorm forces a college student to spend the night at an isolated farmhouse.
  5. The Haunting of the Ederescu House: A paranormal investigator spends the night at a house where multiple murders and a suicide took place.
  6. Madam Kaldunya’s Dolls: A young woman learns the high cost of using voodoo dolls for revenge.
  7. Billy the Arsonist: After one of his fires accidentally results in a homicide, a young arsonist wonders whether working at a crematorium can more safely satisfy his overpowering pyromania. However, he quickly discovers that he is not the only one with a secret proclivity.
  8. The Vow: A poem about what to do with a man who releases the Beast.


“Even though the lack of footprints proved I was alone, I couldn’t help feeling that I was being watched from those shadows, that something glared at me with malice and resented my intrusion into its dark domain.” – from “The Haunting of the Ederescu House”


Pinnacle Book Award, Winter 2020

Summer 2021 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Best Book in the Anthology category

2022 Author Shout Reader Ready Awards - Honorable Mention

2022 Author Shout Reader Ready Awards – Honorable Mention

Book Cover of the Month - March 2021

PR Design – Book Cover of the Month, March 2021

Praise for A Cauldron of Uncanny Dreams

Amy Shannon – Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

Amy's Bookshelf 5-Star Review“This collection of innovative thinking (or uncanny dreams) by Firesmith is a remarkable work… The words almost haunted the pages… I loved reading all of the unique stories… This book is a definite recommendation by Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews.” Original review

Amy Shannon Contrary Measures Smashed Unwritten Life


“Enjoyable read! A Cauldron of Uncanny Dreams is a great collection of short stories. I’m glad I had the chance to read them. These short stories are thrilling and exciting – most are scary and violent at times, but totally worth your time. I enjoyed A Cauldron of Uncanny Dreams and I recommend it!” Original review

B’S Thought Pad and Book Space

“These stories… are a window into an alternative state of being. Definitely a collection for those that enjoy the questions of what lies in the dark corners or just beyond the reach of the headlights on a cold, dark night.” Original review

Ye Olde Bookworm

A Cauldron of Uncanny Dreams by Donald Firesmith is your classic shouldn’t read before bedtime rush. A fun read, and I look forward to reading more of Firesmith’s work in the future.” Original review


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Read all 62 reviews. (4.4 Stars)

Publishing Information

Publisher: Magical Wand Press
Edition: First edition
Publication Date: 6 December 2020
Pages: 91
Words: 18,755
Size: 5×8
Language: English
Formats: Paperback and ebook (epub, mobi, and pdf)

Cataloging in Publication (CIP) Data Block

Name: Firesmith, Donald.
Title: A Cauldron of Uncanny Dreams / by Donald Firesmith.
Description: First edition. | Pittsburgh : Magical Wand Press, 2020.
Summary: An anthology of spooky short stories. | Audience: Adult. | Language: English
Identifiers: ISBN: 979-8566545042 ASIN B08PRPX9N4 (Amazon paperback) | ASIN B08P9BTQ9S (Amazon ebook) | 978-1005671334 (Smashwords ebook)
Subjects: BISAC: FICTION / Occult & Supernatural. | Fiction / Horror. | LCSH: American–Fantasy–Fiction. | American–Paranormal–Fiction. | GSAFD: Horror fiction. | Occult fiction. | Fantasy fiction.

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