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Science Fiction Books

The front cover of Hell Holes: A Slave's Revenge HELL HOLES: A SLAVE’S REVENGE
Enslaved by demonic aliens, a teenage boy must first survive if he is to avenge his murdered father.

Cover not yet available HELL HOLES: INSURRECTION
When a nuclear blast destroys Hell’s portal complex, the planet is cut off from both the Demonic Empire and the home worlds of its many slaves. A man finds himself the leader of a slave revolt against their alien demon masters.

The front cover of Hell Holes 1: What Lurks Below HELL HOLES 1: WHAT LURKS BELOW
Who will survive when an army of demonic aliens invade?

The front cover of Hell Holes 2: Demons on the Dalton HELL HOLES 2: DEMONS ON THE DALTON
With an army of demonic aliens on their heels, its a 350-mile race with simple rules. Win and live; lose and die…

The front cover of Hell Holes 3: To Hell and Back HELL HOLES HOLES 3: TO HELL AND BACK
With Earth’s combined militaries unable to stop the demonic aliens’ invasion, a desperate plan is hatched to take the fight to Hell itself.

The front cover of Hell Holes: The Complete Trilogy HELL HOLES HOLES: THE COMPLETE TRILOGY
The three Hell Holes books combined into a single volume.

Book Cover of Hell Hole: The Official Screenplay HELL HOLES: THE SCREENPLAY
The movie spec script loosely based on Hell Holes 1: What Lurks Below.

Book Cover of Future Dreams and Nightmares FUTURE DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES
More visionary and thought-provoking science fiction gems take you on a faster-than-light journey to future worlds of dreams and nightmares.

Book Cover of More Future Dreams and Nightmares MORE FUTURE DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES
Fourteen visionary and thought-provoking science fiction gems take you on a faster-than-light journey to future worlds of dreams and nightmares.

Supernatural Fiction Books

The Secrets of Hawthorne House THE SECRETS OF HAWTHORNE HOUSE
The story of an unlikely friendship, the clash of two radically different cultures, hidden magic, and a search for lost treasure.

Book Cover of A Cauldron of Uncanny Dreams A CAULDRON OF UNCANNY DREAMS
Fourteen uncanny short stories and poems best read late at night when you’re all alone.

Book Cover of Another Cauldron of Uncanny Dreams ANOTHER CAULDRON OF UNCANNY DREAMS
Additional uncanny short stories and poems best read late at night when you’re all alone.

Children’s Books

The front cover of Jimmy and the Halloween Candy Monster JIMMY AND THE HALLOWEEN CANDY MONSTER
A candy monster helps parents ensure their children don’t eat too much candy on Halloween night.

Fantasy Books

The front cover of Magical Wands: A Cornucopia of Wand Lore MAGICAL WANDS: A CORNUCOPIA OF WAND LORE
Discover the secrets of an old magic textbook belonging to a student on her way to a hidden school of magic.

Anthologies of Short Stories

Book Cover of Second Star from the Right SECOND STAR FROM THE RIGHT
Dive into a literary feast where the finest storytellers converge. The 2024 Small Bites Short Story Winners have woven their magic where each story unfolds in a unique blend of suspense and revelation, and the mundane meets the extraordinary. Where each turn of the page takes you deeper into the lives of characters who exist on the fringes of society, in the shadows of the ordinary, and at the crossroads of life-changing decisions. This collection of gripping narratives invites you to explore the human condition through a series of stories that range from the dark and brooding atmosphere of a seedy bar to the hopeful journey of medical students on the cusp of their careers. Each story is a thread in the larger narrative fabric, woven together to create a compelling portrait of humanity in all its flawed beauty. Prepare to be moved, challenged, and ultimately changed by the powerful storytelling within these pages.

Book Cover of Until Dawn: A Supernatural Anthology UNTIL DAWN: A SUPERNATURAL ANTHOLOGY
Have you ever wondered what writers think about during the hours between midnight and daybreak? “Until Dawn–A Supernatural Anthology” holds between its covers a range of stories, each with its own fantastical world to explore through the lens of its unique cast of characters, all centered around the ghastly and beyond explanation. Whether you are in for a good scare, or simply on the prowl for some after dark reading, you will not believe what is coming your way.

Nonfiction Books

The Simulation Theory of Consciousness THE SIMULATION THEORY OF CONSCIOUSNESS
All biological and technological systems that create and execute real-time simulations of important aspects of themselves and their environments are conscious (i.e., subjectively aware) of their simulations.

Common Testing Pitfalls
The Method Framework for Engineering System Architectures Button
The OPEN Process Framework Button
The OPEN Modeling Language (OML) Button
Documenting a Complete Java Application Button
Wisdom of the Gurus Button
Dictionary of Object Technology Button
Object-Oriented Requirements Analysis and Logical Design Button

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