Hell Holes – Aliens

Blurks, Demons, Kextuxixes, Mrkl, Norg, Thaku


Blurks are the intelligent species of the demon-conquered work, Blurkon. Standing five feet high, they have a flattened, pear-shaped body. Blurks have four heavily-muscled arms (left and right, upper and lower) and stand on four short elephantine legs. An iridescent-blue exoskeleton protects their spines, while numerous bony disks embedded in their thick purple skin protect the lower third of their bodies. Blurks have four large compound eyes (two forward and one on each side) that provide both excellent primary and peripheral vision. Blurks are herbivores that have evolved large parrot-like beaks to eat a diet of tough, wood-like vegetation. Blurk blood is blue due to using hemocyanin (copper) rather the hemoglobin (iron) to carry oxygen.

Blurks can be formidable fighters that devils prize as gladiators due to their aggressive nature, great strength, and the ability to wield up to four weapons at a time.



High Demons



Devils are roughly the same size as people. Highly intelligent and cunning, devils are the apex demon predator and the most dangerous of all demons. They have multiple rows of sharp shark-like teeth, and their hands have retractable claws. They can be extremely difficult to identify because they can glamour people so that they appear to be human


Fiends are often confused with devils due to their similar size. However, a fiend has long fangs, whereas a devil’s teeth are all similar in size and shape. Less intelligent than devils, fiends are even more driven than devils by their compulsion to torture their victims before eating them because of their addiction to fear hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. Fiends also lack devilstones and thus lack the associated paranormal powers


Goblins are high demons roughly midway in height between devils and imps. They are unique among demons in being able to store fat in a large specialized organ within their distended abdomens. This ability enables goblins to survive several days without eating, whereas other demons must eat daily to avoid starvation.


Imps are a species of high demon roughly two and a half feet high with grotesquely small skulls, ugly flat faces, unnaturally long arms, and stubby legs. They are about as intelligent as a six-year-old child, if that child were a hyperactive, self-centered psychopath who would rather torture and eat small puppies than pet them. Armed with simple swords, spiked maces, and spears, they move in large, disorganized troops.


Ogres are nearly twice as tall as humans and four times as heavy. Incredibly strong and very hard to kill, they are the heavy soldiers of the warrior class and the source of the ancient legends that gave rise to the Viking berserker because ordinary wounds merely drive them into a rage. Less intelligent than imps, ogres are primarily used in battles where brawn is more important than brains.


Trolls are enormous — from twelve to twenty feet tall — and primarily used to carry heavy loads and power demon machinery. Little more than dumb beasts, they are only grouped with the high demons because of their humanoid shape.

Low Demons

Low demons are demon beasts. Devils can control certain low demons, such as gargoyles and demons, that have roughly the intelligence of a dog


Gacks are about twice the size of a large cat and look a little like miniature gargoyles without the batlike wings. Gacks are feral and hunt in packs of a dozen or more.


Gargoyles are like a cross between a small, tailless black panther and a gigantic bat. They have long fangs and talon-like claws on both front and back paws. With leathery wings a dozen feet long, they can fly and even carry an imp rider for short distances. Somewhat clumsy on the ground due to their large wings, they prefer to attack from the air.


Hellhounds look somewhat like hyper-muscular, tail-less wolves that have been skinned alive. They are gigantic, with alpha males weighing up to 300 pounds. When standing on all four legs, their shoulders reach up to a person’s chest, enabling them to look people in the eye. They are venomous with long fangs that reach down past the jaws of their massive heads. The long, razor-sharp claws on their huge paws are retractable like those of a cat. Without external ears, they have relatively poor hearing and therefore hunt by sight and smell.


The kextuxix are the intelligent species of the demon-conquered world Kex. Six independently-movable eyes form a ring their squat, cylindrical heads, providing a 360-degree field of vision. They are herbivores large flat teeth filling their wide mouths. Kextuxixes can fling their long tongues several feet out of their mouths. But unlike frogs, their tongues are tipped with a stinger that injects a neurotoxin that paralyzes the muscles. Their bulbous gray bodies are covered in large, pointed scales that give them a vaguely reptilian look. They have three arms, a central, shorter arm that extends from the center of their chests and a relatively normal-looking left and right arm. Although they have three legs, they only walk on the front two. When they stop, they lean back on their single hind leg as if it were a stool. Kextuxix blood is green because high concentration of the green bile pigment biliverdin in the blood.

Because female kextuxixes are larger and more aggressive than the males, kextuxix gladiators are selected from the females of the species.


The mrkl (pronounced as mer-kull) are the highly intelligent species of the demon conquered world, Mrk. They are small, gray humanoids with large, black, almond-shaped eyes and very narrow mouths and jaws. Standing between four and five feet tall, they have a very slender build with relatively weak arms and legs. Each hand has two thumbs and five fingers. Because they are hermaphrodites with neither external sex organs nor secondary sexual characteristics, they are referred to using the pronoun it.

Mrkl tend to be friendly and subservient, making them prized across the demon empire as personal slaves suited for light duties such as cooking, serving food, washing laundry, and house cleaning.


Nork is the demon-conquered homeworld of the norg, an intelligent species often used on Hell as administrators of farms, factories, and businesses. Norg have a horizontal row of five expressionless eyes over a circular mouth ringed with dozens of needle-shaped teeth. Norg have hundreds of thumb-sized triangular scales covered their entire body like a suit of armor made of metallic mirrors. They stand on six thick and stubby legs and carry their four long, narrow arms folded across their chests.


Tahk is one of the many worlds that the demons have conquered. The Tahku, its highly intelligent native inhabitants, can be roughly described as centauripedes, a cross between centaurs and giant centipedes. Between six and nine feet in length and approximately one foot in diameter, a tahku’s cylindrical body is divided into seven segments, the first of which serves as its head.

Each of the tahku’s segments has a pair of highly-flexible and boneless appendages that are reminiscent of octopus arms and elephant trunks. The two tiny ones on either side of its circular mouth are used when eating, while the four longer slender ones on its vertical second and third segments act as its hands and arms. Finally, the eight short, muscular appendages on its back four horizontal segments serve as its legs. The Tahku have a flexible copper-colored carapace covering their backs and sides that acts as armor protecting their soft underbodies.

The Tahku have two, independently-movable eyes on the ends of flexible, foot-long eyestalks that see colors ranging from ultraviolet through infrared. They use a pair of small round drum-like membranes placed below each lateral eye to both speak and hear, meaning that they cannot do both simultaneously. The speaker-like form of their speech-ears enables the Tahku to speak accent-free Demonic as well as slave languages such as English. Consistent with being strict herbivores, their circular mouth hides an internal set of teeth suitable for grinding hard and fibrous vegetation. Breathing through narrow vents on the side of each segment except for its head, a tahku’s every breath causes its body to swell and shrink like a sausage-shaped balloon.

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