Walt Marshall from The Cost of Survival by J.L. Stowers


For me, growing up in the desert of South Central Idaho was incredible. The desert’s subtle beauty and quiet secrets inspired a number of tales throughout my life. Spending my childhood exploring fields of lava, caves, and great fishing holes offered me priceless time to reflect and imagine. It’s where the first version of The Cost of Survival was born, among many other tales I’ve yet to tell. I’ve always had a fascination with the stars and fondly remember my uncle teaching me the names of the constellations when I was just a tot. I’ve never stopped looking up since.

Character Interview

The following interview is with Walt Marshall, the protagonist of The Cost of Survival:

  • Don: I’m here with Walt Marshall on the transport to a top secret location. Walt, can you tell me a little about your job?
    Walt Marshall: Sure. Our destination is uninhabited and remote, but it may be our only hope for the future if things keep spiraling out of control back home. I’m flying in to help get the agricultural production in place. The military is setting up a colony, and I have to make sure those soldiers are fed.
  • Don: And what makes you the man for the job?
    Walt: I suppose it’s because I’ve worked with this particular group of soldiers before, I have the experience, and a tendency to keep to myself.
  • Don: Are you going to miss the benefits of civilization?
    Walt: Benefits? You mean the entitled, hate filled people? The dependency on the internet? The overuse of electronics?
  • Don: Er… I’ll take that as a ‘no.’ What about your family? Is there anyone back home you’re going to miss?
    Walt: (long pause) I don’t have any family. Not anymore.
  • Don: I see. So you must be looking forward to checking out the valley then.
    Walt: More than words can express. It’s just the escape I needed from the hellish situation in the U.S., and… other things.
  • Don: Are you worried about being so far from home? Do you have any concerns about things going wrong?
    Walt: Not really. I actually think it’s safer out here than it is back home. As long as they give me what they promised and aren’t hiding anything from me, this should be a piece of cake.
  • Don: Well, Walt, I certainly wish you the best on your mission.

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