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Hell, Demons, High Demons, Low Demons, Demonic Language, Demonic Culture


Infernum is the homeworld of the demons, and the political center of the demons’ empire. Infernum is a “giant Earth” with roughly 20% more gravity. Because of the higher gravity, demons are innately massively muscular compared with humans and terrestrial animals. .


Hell is the nearest demon-occupied planet to Earth. It is a hot, largely desert planet that circles an ancient orange dwarf star. Because its star is relatively-cool, Hell circles much closer to its star than Earth does to the Sun, and the orange dwarf appears three times larger than the sun in the sky. The planet’s larger core generates a lot of heat, resulting in large numbers of volcanoes and significant sulfur dioxide in its atmosphere, giving rise to the stench of brimstone associated with both demons and Hell.


Demons are members of multiple, evolutionarily-related species of multi-planetary, carnivorous aliens. The primary physical characteristic of all demons is that they are covered with a moist transparent skin that reveals their underlying muscles, blood vessels, bones, teeth, tendons, and ligaments. Having evolved on a planet that is more massive than earth, they are hyper-muscular, and their bones are more robust than those of terrestrial carnivores. Although their skin is transparent, it is extremely tough and difficult to cut or pierce. Their dark purple arteries and veins carry blood the color and consistency of crude oil. Having almost no body fat, demons are always hungry and must regularly eat or risk starving. Hideous and terrifying to look at, they have horizontal goat-like pupils, and their large yellow eyes have reflective retinas, making them appear to glow like crimson coals in the dark. Demons have no external sexual organs secondary sexual characteristics. Male demons are larger and more robust than females. Vicious and terrifying, the demons that travel to Earth will attack, kill, and eat people, animals, and occasionally even other demons. Their breath and blood have the unmistakable stench of sulfur.

Apparently supernatural creatures of dark magic, demons are impervious to fire and have the ability to heal most injuries in at most a minute or two. Thus, they are very difficult to kill, and the best ways are to shoot them in the head, decapitate them, or cause such extensive injuries that they overwhelm their regenerative powers. In actual fact, their supernatural abilities are due to their advanced alien technology. For example, their regenerative capabilities are due to the microscopic medical nanobots in their blood.

The Hell Holes series of books includes the following types of demons:

High Demons

The High Demons are basically humanoid in shape. They are bipedal, walking upright on cloven hooves. Their four-fingered hands have long, retractable claws. Their mouths contain double rows of triangular, shark-like teeth, and their wide, semicircular jaws can open nearly 180 degrees, enabling them to bite off large, hemispherical chunks of meat.

High Demons are the rulers of Hell. Psychologically, they are malicious, devious, and evil creatures that are intent on conquering other planets and enslaving their intelligent species, both as slaves and as food. Because they have four fingers on each hand and cloven hooves, demons count in base 12 (4+4+2+2) instead of base 10 as we do.


DevilsDevils are roughly the same size as adult humans. Highly intelligent and cunning, devils are the apex predator of Hell and the most dangerous of all demons. Each devil has a devilstone embedded in the base of its skull. Looking like a ruby-colored crystal disk, it is an advanced alien technology that provides devils with what appear to be paranormal powers. Members of the Tutores Contra Infernum use devilstones to make their amulets. For example, devils can be very hard to identify because they can glamour people so that they appear to be human.


ImpsImps are roughly two and a half feet high with grotesquely small skulls, ugly flat faces, unnaturally long arms, and stubby legs. They are about as intelligent as a six-year-old child, if that child were a hyperactive, self-centered psychopath who would rather torture and eat small puppies than pet them. Armed with simple swords and spiked maces, they move in large, disorganized troops.


OgresOgres are roughly eleven feet high, but usually walk with a prominent stoop so that the hands on the ends of their very long arms nearly brush the floor when they walk. They have huge muscles. Their beetle-brow faces are long and narrow, ending in a baboon-like muzzle. They are somewhat dull-witted and subject to extreme rage when provoked.
Incredibly strong and very hard to kill, they are the heavy soldiers of the warrior class and the source of the ancient legends that gave rise to the Viking berserker because ordinary wounds merely drive them into a rage. Their favorite weapon is a heavy club. Less intelligent than imps, trolls are primarily used in battle where brawn is more important than brains.


TrollsTrolls are huge—some twenty feet tall—and primarily used to carry heavy loads and power demonic machinery. Little more than dumb beasts, they are only grouped with the high demons because of their humanoid shape.

Low Demons

Low Demons are the beasts of Hell and roughly have the intelligence of a dog. They can be controlled by high demons such as devils.


HellhoundsHellhounds look somewhat like hyper-muscular wolves that have been skinned alive. They are gigantic, with alpha males weighing up to 300 pounds. Standing on all four legs, their shoulders reach up to a person’s chest, enabling them to look people in the eye. They are venomous with long fangs that reach down past the jaws of their massive heads. The long razor-sharp claws on their massive three-toed paws are partially retractable like those of a cat. Males are slightly larger than females although they are impossible to differentiate without dissection as their sexual organs are internal.


GargoylesGargoyles look like a nightmarish cross between a small, skinned, black panther and an enormous bat. With leathery wings nearly three times as long as their tailless bodies, they can fly and even carry an imp rider for short distances. Somewhat clumsy on the ground due to their large wings, they prefer to attack from the air.

Demonic Language

Demonic is the spoken and written language of the high demons. Because of differences in our vocal tracts, humans are incapable of properly pronouncing most demonic sounds, especially vowels. This inability is seen by demons as yet one more reason that other intelligent species are inferior. Demonic is a harsh language with mostly hard consonants.

The following table provides the international standard spelling of relevant demonic sounds:

Vowels Closest English Pronunciation
Å å A as in hat, but very raspy
à ã A as in ate, but rolled like a German “r”
Ê ê E as in bet, but with a faint hissing sound
Õ õ O as in boat, but very breathy
Ů ů U as in but, but very short and low pitch
Consonant Closest English Pronunciation
H h H as in Harry, but made by breathing in
Ķ ķ K as in Kate, but combined with a teeth-clacking sound
Ṕ ṕ P as in Peter, but made by breathing in (similar to a kissing sound)
Ṣ ṣ S as in Sue, but low pitch and made by breathing in
Ṭ ṭ T as in Tom, but combined with a teeth-snapping clacking sound
Ж ж a cork-popping sound that does not have an English analog

Since correctly speaking accent-free demonic is anatomically impossible, the easiest way to read demonic is to simply ignore the specialized symbols (except for the cork-popping Ж) and merely pronounce them according to the corresponding English sound.

Demon Culture

Demons society is based on the military conquest and subjugation of what they consider to be inherently inferior alien creatures. They have conquered roughly a dozen planets and Earth is now in their cross-hairs. Due to their great strength and ability to instantly heal from almost any wound, they are relatively fearless. They feel contempt for any creatures they can capture or kill, believing them to be worthy of nothing more than food or gladiatorial entertainment. They believe they cannot be defeated and are destined to dominate the galaxy.
In addition to the different types of high and low demons, Hell is populated by the slaves of conquered planets. Many are destined as food for their masters. Some work as slaves in the fields to grow food for the others. Some fight as gladiators for the amusement of their masters. Although the main invasion is only now occurring, demon slavers have long taken humans back to Hell, and there are currently tens of thousands of people currently living short and wretched lives in captivity in Hell. A major source of conflict comes near the end of the book when we blow up the demons’ portal system to save Earth, thereby dooming these human slaves to stay in Hell with only the hope that the demon plague enables the slaves to overthrow their masters and try to make a new life on the demon homeworld.
Based on the torture of the occasional captured devil or imp, member of The Order have gradually learned Demonic, the spoken and written language of Hell. No human can properly speak Demonic as demon and human physiology is too different, but some demon fighters have learned enough to be understood. Devils have no problem “speaking” accent-free English because of their devil stones at the base of their brains.
Hell is ruled by an all-powerful dictator referred to as the Supreme Leader, Empress of a Hundred Worlds.

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