Hell Holes – Alien Characters

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Demons (Devils, Imps), Blurks, Kextuxixes, Mrkl, Norgs, Tahkus



  • Åṣh Ķåh-ṭõķ (Ash Kaah-toke) is the lord commander of the demonic army invading Earth. He is the last owner of the human slave Paul Chapman and the Tahku slave Ť-loo-shss. He buys Paul as the first of his private gladiators, and eventually as an honorary member of his personal guard. He is killed during our counterattack on the demon homeworld.
  • Ṕêh Ṣãṣ-håṕ (Peh Sase-haap) is the governor of Hell appointed by Goddess Empress Ṣêṣ Ṭåh-ṭõṣṣṣṣķ.
  • Ṕêķ Ṭõṣ-ṣãhṭ (Pek Toes-sate) is the owner of the human forced-labor farm 36 and is the first owner of the human slave Paul Chapman
  • Ṕêṣķ Ķõṣ-håṕ (Pesk Kos-haap) is the master of the slaves that built Lord Commander Åṣh Ķåh-ṭõķ’s mansion, slave quarters, and new coliseum in Prime City.
  • Sêṣķ Ṭõṣ-ṭõṕ (Sesk Toes-tope) is the devil who owns Cotton Mill 3 in Prime City and is the original owner of Paul Chapman’s mate, Elle Lundin.
  • Ṣêṣ Ṭåh-ṭõṣṣṣṣķ (Ses Tah-towssssk) is the Goddess Empress of 144 Worlds and thus the absolute ruler of the demons’ empire of captive worlds. She is the one who ordered the invasion of Earth.
  • Ṭåk-ṣṣṣṣ Ķåh-ṭåk (Tack-ssss Kaah-tack) was captured by the US Army during the battle of the Yukon River Fire and interrogated and Eielson AFB. He wants nothing more than to remove the shame of being captured by breaking free and killing as many humans as it can before dying in battle.
  • Ṭåṣķ Ķõh-ṭõṕ (Task Kow-tope) is the owner of City Coliseum and its stable of gladiators, including the human slave Paul Chapman.
  • Ṭêṣķ Ṭõh-hõṕ (Tesk Tow-hope) is a visiting noble from the imperial court of the Goddess Ṣêṣ Ṭåh-ṭõṣṣṣṣķ.
  • Ṭõṕṣķ Ṭõṣ-håh (Towpsk Tows-hah) is a general leading demon forces invading North America.


  • Ķåṣ Ķåķ (Kass Kack) is the foul-mouthed little imp with attitude captured by the US Army during the battle of the Yukon River Fire and interrogated at Eielson AFB.
  • Ķêṕ-Ķõķ (Kep Coke) is the imp that escorts Paul from the City Coliseum to Lord Commander Åṣh Ķåh-ṭõķ’s mansion in Prime City.
  • Ķõṣ-Ķåṕ (Koas Cap) is the imp at Farm 36 who killed Park Chapman’s twin sister, Sarah, when she is severely injured in an accident.





  • Administrator Brixt (Brickst) is the norg administrator of Farm 36.
  • Administrator Rorxt (Roarxt) is the norg administrator of Cotton Mill 3.


  • Administrator Ť-loo-shss (Tuh-loo-shiss) is a tahku slave who was also rescued during the attack on the demon portal system. Paul Chapman’s best friend and mentor, she is also a scribe owned by the same powerful devil, Lord Commander Åṣh Ķåh-ṭõķ.

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