Patreon is a website that enables fans to become patrons of their favorite creators (such as authors, artists, musicians, podcasters, and video game developers). In exchange for a small monthly donation, patrons are rewarded with exclusive content, community, and insight into the creator’s creative process. In exchange, the creator obtains a stable income stream that gives them financial independence and the freedom to do their best work. Patreon also enables creators to develop direct, meaningful connections with their fans.

Being My Patron

For just a trivially small monthly donation, you can become a patron supporting me as an indie author. Having sufficient patrons will definitely help me to continue writing and publishing new books and short stories. Your donations will enable me to pay for book covers, illustrations, editing, professional reviews, and the expenses associated with attending book fests and conventions. For only a few pennies a day, you will not only gain the warm feeling that comes from knowing you are supporting my career as an indie author; you will also earn exclusive rewards and my sincere appreciation.

My Three Levels of Patronage

You can select the level of patronage that works best for you. For larger monthly donations, you will receive larger rewards.

Tier 1 (Bronze)

For only $3 per month, you can become a tier 1 bronze patron and receive the following benefits:

  • Acknowledgment on the author’s website
  • Notification of current and planned books and short stories
  • Access to work-in-progress

Tier 2 (Silver)

For $5 a month, You can become a tier 2 silver patron and receive the following benefits in addition to the tier 1 benefits:

  • On signup: Autographed bookmark
  • Answers to fan questions
  • Acknowledgment in a book’s acknowledgment page
  • Early access to new short stories and book chapters
  • Biyearly free copy of an ebook
  • Behind-the-scenes information about my current writing projects
  • Copies of original artwork that are used as illustrations in the books or used to produce book covers.

Tier 3 (Gold)

For $8 a month, you can become a tier 3 gold patron and receive the following benefits in addition to the tier 1 and tier 2 benefits:

  • On signup: A personalized, handwritten, thank-you postcard
  • Invitations to quarterly live chat sessions with me
  • Biyearly coupon code for a free audiobook
  • Quarterly contest to win an autographed paperback
  • Quarterly contest to name a character in one of my upcoming books or short stories

Please Be My Patron

Patreon makes becoming my patron easy. Signing up as a patron is free. Once you have signed up, go to my creator’s Patreon webpage and select your level of patronage (gold, silver, or bronze).

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