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5-Star Reviews

5) Each will blow your mind in many different ways… ★★★★★

By Nancy Allen (The Avid Reader) on 18 May 2023 (Amazon US Review and Goodreads Review)

What an interesting set of short stories Future Dreams and Nightmares has. Each one will keep you guessing and a whole lot to think about. There is plenty of suspense and mystery to keep them interesting and very intriguing. Each will blow your mind in many different ways. Each is a blast to read.

Imagine walking into a clinic expecting one thing but walking out with something entirely different. Would the results be good or bad? Payback is a … Great story with a twist.

A very interesting story with several twists. The title is very fitting. Evil little man. But is he the only one?

Imagine waking up and your life is completely different than you imagined or thought it to be. What a mind-twister this one is.

Imagine your life not being what you believe it to be. Full of mystery and suspense with many, many twists.

Imagine being able to upgrade more than your memories. Leaves you with a lot to think about.

The suspense kept me anxiously awaiting wanting to know what exactly was too far.

The title is very fitting but leaves you with a lot to think about. Wondering what lies between the pages. If you could have your heart’s desire should you even if you know it may not be real? Would it be harmful or helpful?

This one is full of twists that will keep you hanging on to every word waiting for the big climax. How far should you go to be nice to someone? How far should you go to show someone that you mean them no harm?

Makes you wonder if you can really and truly believe anything you have been told or taught. If any of it is real or not.

Grab a copy of Future Dreams and Nightmares today and be prepared to have your mind blown just a little.

4) George W’s Review ★★★★★

By George W. on 12 April 2023 (Goodreads Review)

It’s not often that I read a short story collection and like it. Typically the endings leave me hanging too much. Sure, it’s a short story, so the author can’t give total closure, but I at least would like to know basically how it ends. Donald Firesmith delivers!! Not only are they all fun, suspenseful, and interesting stories, but I felt satisfied after each story. The other thing that was a pleasant surprise was that normally I can guess what the ending will be for short stories. Maybe I got one right in this collection (I pretty much say “one” to soothe my ego!). The rest had me thinking, “I didn’t see that coming!” and that’s a good thing! I’ve read multiple books by this author and search his work out because I’m always left rewarded as a reader. I believe you will be too! Please look for his other works! You won’t be disappointed!

3) Brandon’s Review ★★★★★

By Brandon on 12 April 2023 (Goodreads Review)

** spoiler alert ** I want to put out a disclaimer that I was a beta reader of this book, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

My favorite stories were “Memories”, which dealt with a guy trying to forget his terrible crimes against humanity and instead finds out that karma has something special in store for him. Probably the second best read for me was “Everlife”, which deals with the prospect of reincarnation into a new body and delves into a murder plot. “Everlife” is one story I feel like would have made a great book on its own. Overall, I enjoy this book, as a good short story is sometimes more enthralling than a full-fledged novel.

2) Margaret’s Review ★★★★★

By Margaret on 12 April 2023 (Goodreads Review)

I received an ARC free from the author, and this is my voluntary honest review.
Oh wow!
Fantastic writing! You are glued to your seat!
Amazing stories! So thought-provoking!
Outstanding characters!
Don’t miss!

1) A treasure trove of sci-fi treats… ★★★★★

By Kim on 11 April 2023 (Amazon US Review and Goodreads Review)

This anthology features a solid collection of visionary sci-fi short stories from the award-winning author whose fertile imagination spawned the Hell Holes series, not to mention several other popular fantasy and paranormal gems. Each flight of fiction, despite the brevity necessitated by the short story format, is carefully plotted and features a wide array of well-developed and engaging characters. I particularly enjoyed the dizzying kaleidoscope of unexpected twists offered up in this medley of mind-bending tales.

This collection offers 9 thought-provoking stories for your leisure-time perusal:

MEMORIES – If we had the power to selectively sanitize our memories, would it be our salvation or our most tempting path to damnation?

MIND TRAP – What crimes might be realized should we perfect the ability to preserve our mind perpetually?

A MIND FULL OF MEMORIES – Is medical intervention always in the best interest of the patient; just because we can do something, does that always mean we should?

EVERLIFE – While cloning might seem like the ultimate insurance policy, what happens when someone really wants you out of the way?

ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT – Can extreme medical intervention be taken too far?

A JUMP TOO FAR – If you could jump from one reality to another, could you learn to live with the consequences?

WE SERVICE ALL – How could a trip to an interstellar brothel provide the soul-soothing balm needed to mend the tormented mind of a forlorn cargo ship pilot?

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE FOURTH KIND – As humans venture to the stars and encounter other species, would it truly be wise to adopt a “When-in-Rome…” policy?

HISTORY IS WRITTEN – Do you believe any history book offers an unbiased and complete account of transpired events?

I was provided with an advance copy of this book, for which I thank the author, but I am sharing my honest and unbiased review on a completely voluntary basis.

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