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5-Star Reviews

3) Interestingly awesome ★★★★★

By Natalie Alexandra McKinney on 4 October 2022 (Amazon US Review)

I couldn’t put it down because there was so much information in it that I needed for research. I study a bit of consciousness.

2) Thinking Automobile? ★★★★★

By Ann Keeran on October 29, 2019 (Amazon US Review)

Is your autonomous car sentient? Donald Firesmith shares with us all the possibilities of consciousness. He uses scientific evidence to support theories that these cars are sentient. An academic paper that is easily read and understood.

1) Gil Forbes’ Review ★★★★★

By Gil Forbes on October 27, 2019 (Smashwords Review)

Sentience has now been redefined to include things and not just living beings. Donald’s theory, as astutely covered in this book, will have far-reaching effects on how we view the world: nay, the universe. There are some who will argue, denounce, and even ridicule his thesis. I cannot. The presentation is so logical, yet bizarre, and difficult to absorb that the reader will have to do so slowly. Give it time.

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