Hell Holes 1 – Background

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Siberian Holes, Alaskan Hell Hole, Pump Station 2

Siberian Hole

Siberian Hell Hole
This is a photo of one of the original Siberian holes that appeared during the summer of 2014. The three people give a hint of the hole’s huge size. Note the vertical sides of the hole where the ground is frozen. It makes clear the difficulty of answering the question, where did all of the frozen ground go?

Siberian Hell Hole
This is a photo of a geologist rappelling down into one of the Siberian holes, much like when Dr. Jack Oswald and Mark Star rappelled down into the original hell hole. Once again, the immense size of the hole is clear.

Location of the Hell Hole

Hell Hole and Pump Station 2
This is an aerial photograph of the area where most of the action of the book takes place. The Dalton Highway (known locally as the Haul Road labeled Highway 11) is the thick gray line that runs from the upper right to the lower left. The team drives down this highway from Deadhorse, which is a long distance off the map to the north. The Trans-Alaskan Pipeline is the thin gray line between the Dalton Highway and the Sag River. Pump Station 2 is the gray blob along the pipeline in the upper right near the river. The original hell hole is the black disk in the lower left of the photo. The team drove to the hell hole along the and the Dalton Highway roughly along the path marked by the dashed yellow line.

Pump Station 2

Hell Hole and Pump Station 2
This is Pump Station 2 along the Trans-Alaska pipeline, where the team takes temporary refuge from the demons before fleeing south along the Dalton Highway towards Fairbanks (the subject of the second book, Hell Holes: Demons on the Dalton). The photo shows the pump station from the south, which is the direction from which the team members approach, hidden behind the elevated pipeline. The office and bunkhouse buildings for the L-shaped complex in the lower of the station. The garage is the small building to its right just beyond the satellite dish. The north gate and exit are at the upper left of the pump station.

Pump Station 2 Office and Bunk House

Pump Station 2 Office and Bunk House
The Office Building (on the left) and the Bunk House (on the right) is where the team take refuge from the demons.

Pump Station 2 North Gate

North Gate of Pump Station 2
This is the north gate of Pump Station 2 through which the survivors of the team escape onto the Dalton Highway. To make the action more exciting, these chain-link gates were replaced by a barrier gate that required the bar to be raised to allow the team’s SUV to pass. This is one of the very few places in which the book where facts were intentionally changed to fit the story.

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