How Do You Define Success

Someone on an author Facebook page asked the question “How do you define success as an author?” There were many answers. Here’s mine:

There are many different levels of success. It’s a journey, not a destination. As a beginner, start small. Your first five-star review from someone you don’t know (not family, friend, or acquaintance). Your first 50 Amazon reviews. Your first 100 books sold or your first 1,000 books downloaded for free. Your first meaningful praise quote from a positive review written by another author. The first time a book blogger contacts you for an interview without you having to first ask the blogger to promote you or your book. Your first fan email. Any accomplishment that makes you feel like you’ve done a good job is a sign of success. Not everyone has the skill (writing and marketing), luck, and drive to make it as a successful professional writer making a good living by writing. Very few authors do. The bottom line is that you have to decide what success means for you.

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