Free and Low-Cost Marketing for Indie Authors


Front Cover of Free and Low-Cost Marketing for Indie AuthorsFree and Low-Cost Book Marketing for Indie Authors is just what the title says, a book for indie authors who will be marketing their own books while on a very limited budget. This book includes numerous examples and guidelines on the proper use over 50 different marketing tools and techniques including Author Biographies, Author Business Cards, Author Email Signatures, Author Interviews, Author Photographs, Author Spotlights, Author Webpages, Author Websites, Awards, Best Seller Lists, Blog Tours, Book Blasts, Book Blogs, Book Blurbs, Book Bundling, Book Buy Links, Book Cataloging in Print (CIP) Data Block, Book Clubs, Book Covers, Book Cover Reveals, Book Distributors, Book Excerpts, Book Giveaways, Book Information Sheets, Book Launch Parties, Book Launch Teams, Book Posters, Book Pricing, Book Promo Pictures, Book Readings, Book Reviews, Book Sales, Book Signings, Book Spotlights, Book Trailers, Branding, Character Interviews, Conferences, Direct Emails, Email Lists, Email Newsletters, Group Promotions, Guest Blog Posts, Marketing Campaigns, Marketing Metrics, Marketing Plans, Marketing To Do Lists, Networking, Praise Quotes, Press Kits, Press Releases, Promotional Items, Record Keeping, RSS Feeds, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Advertisements.

Current Status

The current partial draft is approximately 80% done. I have decided to enable you to download the incomplete draft ebook in pdf format by clicking on the following link. All that I ask in return is that you let me know what you like and what you don’t like about the book. I am also interested in any missing content such as additional guidelines. Those of you who provide useful inputs prior to publication will be listed on the acknowledgements page of the book and will be entered into a drawing for five autographed copies of the paperback edition once the book is complete and placed on sale.

Please do NOT write a review of this early partial draft. Please wait until the final book is ready before reading and publishing your reviews.

Download draft manuscript in pdf format.

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