Hell Hole: The Official Screenplay

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Hell Hole: The Official Screenplay is the spec script for the full-length feature film based on my novel Hell Holes: What Lurks Below.

Book Cover of Hell Hole: The Official ScreenplayWhen a huge hole opens up in the path of a controversial new pipeline, the oil company’s head of safety convinces her estranged husband to fly up to Alaska’s North Slope and investigate. But when the geologist Jack Oswald rappels down into the mysterious pit, he discovers it is unlike anything he has ever seen before. Meanwhile, giant wolf-like creatures slaughter both wildlife and people, and they attack the nearby protester camp, indiscriminately killing protesters and even the oil company’s armed guards. This prompts a reporter to reveal herself as a member of an ancient secret society dedicated to defending humanity from demons. The survivors soon learn there are worse monsters than hellhounds. To save his broken marriage, the middle-aged geology professor only has to protect his wife, defeat a devil, seal the hell hole, and put an end to Armageddon. What could possibly go wrong?


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Nat Mundel – Producer and CEO of Voyage Media

“Don Firesmith has created a highly marketable genre story that will make for a great, commercial movie. On top of that, Don is co-opting highly professional screenwriters to bring his vision to life. We can’t wait to see the results.”

Michael Chamoy – Alphas, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men 3: The Last Stand, The Avengers, The Grand

“This has a high-concept premise that explores complicated issues like global warming and the origins of religious beliefs about the Devil.

This is the type of genre script that could be made with a big budget through a major studio, and become the first release in a franchise, or filmed at a lower budget, with more indie horror sensibilities. In both cases, the hell creatures are cool enough that they can be turned into toys and other merchandise.

As an action/sci-fi/horror movie, this should have broad appeal and, if we cast this across ethnic lines, this could draw audiences from all over the world.”

Rowena Hoseason, Amazon HALL OF FAME, TOP 500 REVIEWER

“It’s a genre-bending bonanza of science, speculative fiction and supernatural action, a nifty idea which would make a perfect movie pitch. Think Jurassic Park, but with wolven hellhounds taking the place of the velociraptors, and a sky full of giant flying demonic bat-monsters… What Lurks Below is almost two short books in one, as if someone grafted together Jodie Foster’s Contact and Vin Diesel’s Pitch Black.”


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