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Stars Reviews Percent
5 Stars 4 57%
4 Stars 0 0%
3 Stars 2 29%
2 Stars 1 14%
1 Star 0 0%
4.0 Stars 7 Reviews 100%

Note: Amazon has a well-known habit of deleting reviews without explanation. Sadly, several of the following Amazon reviews were deleted.

5 Star Reviews

5) Amazing Read!!!💜🖤 ★★★★★

By Brenda on January 28, 2022 (Original Amazon US Review)

Very informative read, much more information than I thought, but an absolutely awesome surprise!!!💜🖤

4) Five Star ★★★★★

By Mark DeLorenze on April 16, 2018 (Original Amazon US Review)


3) Five Star ★★★★★

By C. Shepherd on May 4, 2016 (Original Amazon US Review)

Good book, well written and informative.

2) Very Good Book ★★★★★

By Kévin Rouxel on 22 October 2015 (Original Amazon France Review)

You want a book between fantasy and real wand lore ,make choice of this book. I can say that for this price it is a very good book. You will find a treasure of fantasy, with a part of real traditional wand lore and magic. A good book for the long day of winter.

1) A Must-Have for all Harry Potter Frantics! ★★★★★

By Arjun Randhawa on May 27, 2015 (Original Amazon US Review and Original Goodreads Review)<\a>


I want you guys to know that I can rate a book very poorly and I won’t care at ALL about what the author would say. But, this was a case in which I REALLY liked/loved this book.

This book is about Professor George Smith of Oregon State University who was on a Sabbatical to Scotland via a train. During his train journey, he comes across a family of two – A grandfather and his granddaughter. This book was being read by the granddaughter as she was on her way to the boarding school. She accidentally forgets this book in the train, but is found by the professor. To his surprise, he finds out that it is about Magical Wands and Wizardry.

The professor wishes to visit the school whose textbook this book was, so he sets off on an adventure to do so. He is said to have mysteriously disappeared from his hotel, university, home and even from the world. This book was published the university and the foreword is written by the professor. The Foreword is very enchanting tale of an ordinary man discovering what is so unexpected in this kind of a world.

The rest of the book contains perfectly described every information one needs to know about the world of wizardry. This is a book one would find in the library of Hogwarts (in Harry Potter series) . From ALL KINDS OF MAGICAL SPELLS to ALL KINDS OF MAGICAL CREATURES and WIZARDS – the book has it all ILLUSTRATED and DEFINED SIMPLY . The book will give you an insight to all the knowledge of the different kinds of wands and their importance as well as their properties.

The author has a magical wand shoppe (.com) from where I received a wand in order to EXPERIENCE the enchanted, which can never be possible by reading/watching any fantasy book/movie. The wand is beautiful, and it has semi precious stones fixed on both of its sides. It is no ordinary plastic/toy wand, but has been CARVED BY HAND from wand making trees like maple. Its shape is perfect and gives me a pleasure equal to that of casting a spell. IT IS DEFINITELY and TRULY RECOMMENDED for one TO BUY ANY DESIRED TYPE OF WAND FROM THIS WEBSITE. Your wand would be beautifully wrapped in a velvet box and it would be of a unique design, i.e. no other wand in the world would be of the same design. The author himself carves wands for everyone, and he makes 1 wand only of each type and design.

CONCLUSION: This book is a MUST-HAVE for all Harry Potter fans, or even any fantasy fan. You can even practice spells or LIVE/EXPERIENCE the fantasy you would have just imagined of magic, with the help of the author-made wands and this AMAZING BOOK! <3

4 Star Reviews


3 Star Reviews

2) An interesting premise, but not an interesting read ★★★☆☆

By Cupcakedoll on May 22, 2015 (Original Amazon US Review)

I found this book at the author’s wand shop and of course anything that purports to be a magical textbook I must own. The first thing I noticed when this arrived was that it’s a good inch-plus thick, almost to ‘doorstop’ territory. Also definitely in the ‘self-published’ category. The book is lovingly written with great detail and imagination. Unfortunately a lot of it is charts and repeated information that an editor could have slimmed down a lot. This is a shame because the world hinted at in this textbook is an interesting one and I’d like to know more about it instead of seeing more charts and weird formatting.

The book includes a short but interesting section on the elements and planes of existence, then goes on into the categories of wand materials: woods, crystals, metals, and parts of magical creatures. The entries I checked against more official Wiccan sources on the magical meanings of woods… sort of matched? Then there’s a chapter of famous people of history made over as wizards and their wands. Sections of the book can be read on the author’s website; check there for an idea of what you’re getting.

All in all I have to declare this one repetitious and not a very interesting read. There are better wandcrafting books out there, and better wizardly fiction. That said, if the author were to write another textbook from his wizardly world, I’d read it.

1) Some of the ‘famous’ wand users even check out fine. What a pity about the rest ★★★☆☆

By Weird Sister on August 26, 2014 (Original Amazon UK Review)

It’s got just enough fact to make it worth reading. By that I mean that the magical woods section is fairly on the money. Some of the ‘famous’ wand users even check out fine. What a pity about the rest. It’s the sort of book that you wish were factual. A good yarn.

2 Star Reviews

1) A good first book ★★☆☆☆

By Qwerty on October 6, 2014 (Original Amazon US Review)

The cover looks like crap, the intro is great, the book itself would be better if the author either took the topic more seriously and got real information rather than writing a fictional book or he would have stuck fully to the Harry Potter world it is clearly based on. The real problem is that the intro is a really fun read, but that fun ends when the serious (fictional) textbook begins.

1 Star Reviews


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